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Exclusive Services

Chef Dorian has been able to help people eat fresh, flavorful food while creating memories through special events, dinner parties, cooking classes and vacations.

Browse our services and connect with us to get started.

In-Home Dining   -   $100/person

Crafting gourmet meals in the client's home for special occasions or just-because. A private, interactive dinner party is exactly what you need to enjoy good food and entertainment. Your private dining experience is sure to be memorable as Chef Dorian creates an atmosphere of ease and honor with every dining experience. 


Event Catering   -   $100-250/person

Catering for private events, dinner parties, or intimate gatherings with a focus on high-quality, chef-prepared dishes.

*Multi-Course Meal or Special Event, depending on menu intricacy and customization. 


Vacation Chef   -   price varies on details

Planning a special vacation with the boys', girls' or family? Allow Chef Dorian to make your getaway a truly relaxing and enjoyable experience as he prepares your meals.


Weekly Meal Prep   $120/week or $20 meal/person

Up your food game with Denver’s premier weekly meal delivery service. Our customized menus are based on dietary preferences, restrictions, and personal tastes. Self-care starts in the kitchen, and the best way to take care of yourself during busy days is a delicious and flavorful meal to help you maintain healthy eating habits.


Cooking Classes   -   $100/person

Enhance your culinary skills and techniques and expand your recipe repertoire with hands-on cooking lessons lead by Chef Dorian. Ideal for one-on-one, date night, outing with the guys or girls, or a team-building experience. Whatever the occasion, it’s guaranteed to be an exciting and tasty learning experience! 


Wine Pairing   -   $10

Offering expertise in pairing dishes with complementary wines for a heightened dining experience. Add this service to your in-home dining experience. 


Consulting   -   complimentary with booking

Chef Dorian advises on kitchen setup, pantry organization, and grocery shopping to streamline the culinary experience at home.


Gift Packages   -   price varies

Providing unique culinary experiences as gifts; including special dinners, cooking classes, or themed tasting events.

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