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Meet the Chef

Denver's personal chef service, designed to level up your special occasions and everyday meals.

How it all started...

Dorian Canty, a skilled chef, meticulously refined his culinary artistry during a two-year tenure at a Teppanyaki restaurant, dedicating endless hours to mastering his craft. The turning point came in 2018 when he tragically lost his stepfather, Kevin, to a stroke, prompting a profound reassessment of his life. Amidst the struggles of hardship and homelessness, Dorian drew strength from the teachings of Kevin, who had always encouraged him to carve his own path.

During the quarantine, Dorian took a leap of faith and founded his private chef venture, Kavi's Hibachi Grill. Fueled by the memory of his stepfather, whom he affectionately called Kavi, Dorian transformed adversity into opportunity, honoring Kavi's legacy of hard work and a positive outlook on life.

Kavi's began as an intimate experiment with roommates, gaining rapid online acclaim for its unique and personalized hibachi experience. Officially established in 2020, Dorian's culinary expertise attracted a distinguished clientele, including names like Chauncey Billups, Cody Latimer, Orlando Franklin, and various businesses.

In a new chapter of his culinary journey, Chef Dorian extended his private chef services to a broader audience by launching a hibachi food truck in the Denver-Metro Area in May 2022. With every sizzle and flip, he continues to channel the spirit of Kavi, delivering exceptional hibachi cuisine as a private chef to clients who seek a personalized and memorable culinary experience in the comfort of their homes and workplaces.


"Crafting Culinary Excellence, One Plate at a Time."

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